Compagnie Discrète

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Compagnie Discréte was founded in 2014 by mime artists Adrien Fournier and Alexandre Finck. The company uses mime to explore modern life in all its absurdity, and tackles serious issues in a contemporary style incorporating visual media.

Discréte spent one week in residency at Fossekleiva kultursenter in January 2023, developing their new work titled “Isbjerg”.  The show will premiere in France in November 2023.

Adrien Fournier is a director and performer. He graduated in theatre training from Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Tours. He trained with Philippe Lebas and Christine Joly, as well as Didier Girauldon. He has trained and worked in cinema in Montreal, and participated in films with directors like Wim Wenders and Edward Zwick.

Alexandre Finck trained at Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Tours. He has sinced developed his discipline of mime, and spent three years at ERAC where he obtained a performing arts license and his DNSPC diploma. He met many people there, in particular: Laurent Gutmann, Richard Samut, Jean-Pierre Baro, Nadia Vonder Hayden, Catherine Germain, François Cervantes, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti with whom he did his exit show at the Avignon festival (La famille Schroffenstein by Kleist).

Jules Jacquet practiced theatre, visual arts and music from childhood. After obtaining his Literary baccalaureate with a specialized option in theater, he entered both the Brassart school of graphics and the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Tours in 2011. During his years at the conservatory, he took lessons from Philippe Lebas, Christine Joly, Didier Girauldon and Camille Trophème. He devotes all his time to theater and music, practicing production and arrangement in several musical projects.